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Driving stronger business performance by engaging brand ambassadors

Some of the strongest advocates and ambassadors for any brand are the people that work with them, and our friends at Honor understand that better than most.

By working closely with Honor – a cool and trendy youth mobile brand – it’s clear they know first-hand that building advocacy with influencers and embedding brand engagement within their sales and brand strategies can deliver some incredible returns.

And it doesn’t have to be a complex process.

At FMI, we create brand engagement programmes for Honor and Huawei – as well as many other non-mobile brands in technology and retail – that genuinely resonate.

Here’s how we delivered a series of brand experiences for Honor influencers and brand advocates.

Honor and a privilege

We’re privileged to be a trusted partner of Honor, and to work with them on engaging their amazing team of Elite brand ambassadors – the influencers and “super fans” – they have across the UK.

The Honor brand is focused on driving stronger engagement and advocacy from bloggers and influencers across the UK – including photographers, videographers and Instagrammers – because Honor know that creating brand advocates reinforces their product values and drives sales performance.

Through a series of social media competitions, fans were invited to join the ‘Honor Elite Club’ – to gain exposure to the products, experience devices features first hand and better engage with the brand. Those ambassadors demonstrating the strongest interest, be it through passion or skills, were rewarded with exclusive invitations to a series of face-to-face events.

And that’s where we – FMI – stepped in.

We organised all the event logistics for ‘Up at the O2’, an event which involved the Honor brand ambassadors climbing up the O2 to take in the breath-taking sites of London. As they tried not to look down, and take some great photos, it was clear it was only #ForTheBrave.

The second event we organised, and the culmination of a fantastic partnership between EyeEm and Honor who ran a ‘photo mission’ competition for photographers to ‘visualise bravery’, was a hugely successful Ambassador event at Camden Market’s Gabeto, a transformed historic Victorian stable block, now known as The Cuban Spirit of Camden Market.

The venue, which combines amazing interior design and art work by renowned artist John Bulley, hosted 60 influencers and brand ambassadors and showcased some of the winning photography they had taken using their phones, with three lucky winners walking away with brand new Honor 10 devices.

Saving the best event till last, a number of winning Honor Elite Ambassadors were invited to drive a selection of top of the range Mercedes Benz cars around the track and off-road at Mercedes Benz World for an adrenaline packed driving experience. From getting hands-on with the new Honor 8X smartphone, to sitting behind the wheel of a high performance car, the Ambassadors shot video footage, took hundreds of photos and blogged themselves around the track, reinforcing the Honor #BeyondLimits campaign.

Here’s the view from Honor

After the events were wrapped up, we spoke with our client Lukas Wydrzynski from Honor, to get a view on the impact of the brand engagement activities we delivered together.

“Thanks to the help of FMI, we’ve devised and delivered three incredibly successful events. Our influencers and ambassadors are more connected than ever with the Honor brand, and they have become true advocates for us,” said Lukas Wydrzynski, Honor UK Social Community Manager.

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