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Sales Incentive Campaign

Designing innovative sales incentive campaigns to increase sales and brand loyalty

With attention in the mobile telecoms marketplace in October 2016 focusing on the impending launch of the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 there was a desire from Huawei to cause tactical disruption within the trade audience, ensuring that some of the focus at the time was taken away from the competition. With just under 90% of the UK Market share between them any focus that can be taken away from Apple and Samsung would prove invaluable for Huawei

Utilising the Huawei trade engagement platform (Huawei n:gaged) a virtual Bootcamp was created to provide an intense programme of product knowledge and feel-good rewards over a two week period. Ensuring participants were ‘fit to sell’ the Huawei P9, Bootcamp reinforced key product messages and challenged users daily to maintain their focus, tone up their product knowledge and sustain the endurance required to last the course.

Hard hitting tactical “Bootcamp” style campaign

Bootcamp communicated key product messages through daily twenty second video clips where users were asked to answer a question about the video demonstrating their understanding. This execution hit users on a daily basis for 60 seconds at a time giving them the opportunity to learn and earn each weekday for 2 weeks.

The theme of a Bootcamp was chosen as an ideal analogy to share with our audience – the idea of improving fitness (brand and product knowledge) leading to a better quality of life (happy customers, sales and personal rewards).




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The video based campaign was designed to reach as many members as possible in order to disrupt competitor messages. Therefore the ability to reach out and engage with as many customer facing staff as possible was key. To help with this we shared details from the outset of an attractive prize matrix that could be won daily in return for participation. By committing to a 24hr fulfilment window of all prizes we knew that we would see an increase in users as word spread and prizes landed in store. As the campaign was being hosted on the Huawei n:gaged platform all participants had to register helping us drive our overall number of registrations and introducing them to other brand and product information.

The campaign was teased for two weeks prior to launch utilising a simple ‘On Your Marks, Get Set, Go’ message aligned with strong fitness themed creative. Bootcamp was a huge success that far exceeded anyone’s expectations. For 10 consecutive weekdays the number of entries increased. By the end of the campaign Huawei n:gaged registrations had increased 83.3% increase on target.

“Thank you for all of your hard work on this. I’m aware of how demanding this campaign was (refreshing the content every day, dispatching prizes daily and providing an up-to-date report every evening) and this has definitely been the most successful n:gaged campaign to date. Well done all!”
FMI won Silver at the IPM Awards 2017 with Huawei n:gaged Bootcamp for The Most Effective Reward & Recognition / Motivation Programme and Bronze for Best Small Budget Campaign

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