Want to motivate and engage your staff or distributors? With the right platforms and targeted communications, Incentives can be a great way to do just that.

Communicating Incentives via the web offers distinct advantages over traditional media and online campaigns can be implemented in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Employees can also be kept continuously up-to-date with their personal performance and league table position. The very existence of an instant channel for communication opens up new possibilities for targeted corporate communication and sales incentives.

With FMI’s extensive knowledge of motivation, recognition and rewards, our incentive schemes, online and offline, offer a valuable addition to your performance improvement capabilities.

Integration of “e-commerce” style applications allow for the easy fulfilment of “points-mean-prizes” schemes, where users can browse a virtual shop and see what they can afford with the points they’ve earned or aspire to reach a certain goal.

All our programmes are mobile optimised and more often than not include a cross-platform mobile app and the integration of social media.


We design and manage industry leading employee motivation programmes that reward performance, increase productivity and recognise achievements.


Our bespoke sales and training campaigns embrace new technology. We create award winning concepts that drive brand advocacy and deliver return on investment.


Be different in how you engage your channel. Increase sales performance and brand loyalty through our highly targeted sales incentives and innovative rewards.


With extensive international travel experience our in-house event team embrace unique destinations guaranteed to motivate staff with an incentive trip of a lifetime.